Hurry Up And Wait

by Kroovy Rookers



released October 28, 2012

Rod Rooker: Guitar & Vocals
Rowdy Rooker: Drums & Backup Vox
Remi Rooker: Bass & Backup Vox
Jenny Woo Rooker: Lead Guitar

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Liam Harvey Oswald at Eat Shit & Die Studios.

All songs written by Kroovy Rookers



all rights reserved


Kroovy Rookers Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Night Like This (new version)
Bring on the pilsners and the people
we'll bring the god damned rock n' roll
we didn't come to start no trouble
just makin' noise and gettin' old
and things don't seem so shitty / on a night like this...

We got our buddies out to see us
there's nothing standing in our way
and if some weenies just don't like us
it doesn't matter what they say
cuz rockin' is all that matters
on a night like this...

There's so much stuff we gotta go and do every day
there's so much more that we could say if we had our way
there's so much music that made us who we are today
so many reasons to get up on that stage and play...

It doesn't take that much to please us
we know exactly who we are
sometimes we drink till they say "Jeezus!"
and then it's time to leave the bar
cuz fun is all that we're out for on a night like this...
Track Name: 1000 Eyes
You can't stop it
you feel it
it's on the rise...

You hide behind your smoke screens
and your lies
You say nothing when it comes to the "How's" and "Why's
We're watching you with a thousand eyes

A thousand eyes - oh yeah!

News travels unravels and spreads so fast
and you know we're saving the worst for last
a smooth talker but it's all such a thin disguise
we see right through you with a thousand eyes

A thousand eyes...
A thousand eyes...
Staring at you with a thousand eyes

0 0 (eyes)

The time has come to be done with your foolish pride
You want a war? you better find a place to hide
when you find that your allies have left your side
your'e broken, your'e opened
your'e opened wide...

Your'e opened wide
Your'e opened wide
Your'e opened wide to a thousand eyes

Your'e opened wide
Your'e opened wide
Your'e opened wide to a thousand eyes
Track Name: Bad News
We come without warning
and with something new
might amount to nothing
more then something to do
for a couple of hours
and a couple of brews
with a crew of hooligans
wearing steel toed shoes...

Now everybody's all confused
we didn't come here to sing the blues
something to say
nothing to lose
I guess we'll always be Bad News

I'ts two in the morning
and everybody's ripped
and there's no more music
quiet as the crypt
everybody stumbles
out into the street
pissing in the alleys
tripping over their feet

And those passers by are not amused
by the cloud of smoke and the stench of booze
the shaven heads and bad tattoos
I guess we'll always be Bad News
Track Name: Divisions
We've only got one life to live
whether we triumph or we suffer
they've only got so much to give
we've only got so much to offer

The same old town the same old streets
we see it all on different levels
they'd like to keep it like it is
without the upstarts and the rebels

Keeping that dream shiny and clean...
they don't like our music
they don't like our scene

All of the problems that I see
well, all the time I think about 'em
so if they say that i am free
I'll write em down and fucking shout em!

They tell you what will be will be
with different rules for each Division
they keep a lid on mugs like me
who'd rather make their own decisions...

If you've never been
on their winning team
It isn't that hard to see what I mean...
Track Name: Let It Go
Let it go
don't be an asshole
there's no need to be a C*nt
I'm just trying to get to work now sir
so I can get the things I want

Do you find some satisfaction
from getting deep within our space?
Do what you're gonna do Big Man
and get the fuck out of my face...

Driving along
cranking out the tunes
and now my morning
it lies in ruins
because of you
and your radar gun
why don't you stick it
up yer bum!

and see just how fast you can run

My speed will be a mystery
and you - you hold the key
you say it was 120
but that don't sound right to me

Do you know how hard we try
to avoid you at all costs
how many times we've cursed you
for every dollar that we've lost

It's in your hands
it's up to you
to let it go
or turn the screw

I already know
what your'e gonna do
inside my head
I scream fuck you

because out loud
ya out loud
that'd cost me too...