Mirrors is a split 7 inch record with Kroovy Rookers from Edmonton Alberta, Canada and Car 87 from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Check out the the Car 87 side of the split here: car87.bandcamp.com/album/mirrors

All songs written and performed by Kroovy Rookers

This is an independent split 7 inch release.


released May 2, 2014

Album: Mirrors split with Car 87
Recorded by Chris Schwartz at the Compound of Ignorance
Mixed by John Tidey at Epic Sounds
Mastered by Tardon at Mr Toads
Rod Rooker: Guitar and Vocals
Rowdy Rooker: Drums
Slippy Rooker: Bass



all rights reserved


Kroovy Rookers Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Refuse To Lose
Keepin' it loud in the underground
is all we wanna do
fuckin' around
digging the sound
what we say is true

It might not mean that much to you
we put our hearts into what we do
singin' bout the bullshit we've been through
and all the good times we've had too

We don't know where it's gonna go
but we know who are real friends are
in our hearts
in the streets
sitting right here at the bar

We don't need the mainstream to survive
gonna keep the street rock scene alive
we play the music that we choose
and we refuse
refuse to lose
Track Name: Not The Same
Details subject to change
leave you lost and feeling strange
things get rearranged
life turns another page
the way it used to be
the things we used to see
people like you and me
are now a rarity

I guess it's true - nothing gold can stay
it's kind of lame
it's not the same

We take it day by day
just like the old cliche'
we just grow up one day
and throw it all away
places we used to go
faces we used to know
it was a different show
we still remember though

I guess it's true - nothing gold can stay
it's kind of lame
it's not the same
Track Name: Sit On It
We're staring at our toes
lord fuckin' knows
there's nothing to say

I want you out of my space
you don't wanna see my face,
I'm sure

Down the drain
kind of a shame when it ends
past lives
false friends

I see you walkin' my way
just what I need to ruin my day...
back then we shared good times
until i read
between the lines

The truth
sometimes it hurts
some folks are better in spurts

Maybe I'll just cross the road
don't want my inner rage
to explode

Why bother wasting words
I'd rather feed you
a couple of turds

No dice
Dead end
sit on it
old friend