No More Boring Crap

by Kroovy Rookers



released October 28, 2012

Rod Rooker: Vocals & Rhythm Guitars
Rowdy Rooker: Drums & Backing Vocals
Remi Rooker: Bass & Backing Vocals
Dragon Rooker: Lead Guitar
Balls Out Blake & Derek the Dragon: Backing Vocals

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered in 2007 by Naethon Pertelson
In Red Deer Alberta

All songs written by Kroovy Rookers



all rights reserved


Kroovy Rookers Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Night Like This
Bring on the pilsners and the people
we'll bring the god damned rock n' roll
we didn't come to start no trouble
just makin' noise and gettin' old
and things don't seem so shitty / on a night like this...

We got our buddies out to see us
there's nothing standing in our way
and if some weenies just don't like us
it doesn't matter what they say
cuz rockin' is all that matters
on a night like this...

There's so much stuff we gotta go and do every day
there's so much more that we could say if we had our way
there's so much music that made us who we are today
so many reasons to get up on that stage and play...

It doesn't take that much to please us
we know exactly who we are
sometimes we drink till they say "Jeezus!"
and then it's time to leave the bar
cuz fun is all that we're out for on a night like this...
Track Name: Here Comes The Judge
Court day got nothing to say
you know you're gonna get F'd in the A
the whole deal is fucking lame
it's your balls - it's their game

here comes the judge
and he fucking sucks
why'd you even dress up?

He treats you like a clown
he calls you up just to put you down
he makes a wise crack ha ha ha
out on the street you'd break his jaw
here comes the judge
and there's plenty of proof
that he's a fucking goof

All alone you make a stand
cuz a lawyer would have cost a grand
cat and mouse a song and dance
you never even had a chance

Here comes the Judge
who cares what he thinks
he's a fucking DINK!
Track Name: No More Boring Crap
For the D.J. who needs a slap
No more boring crap!
Every small town on the map
No more boring crap!
Canadian Idol and star search
No more boring crap!
Parents drag their kids to church
No more boring crap!

It doesn't satisfy
It's hard to justify
can't find a reason why
just boring boring crap!
it works for everyone
but it's not even fun
it makes my brain go numb
boring boring crap!

Top 40 ain't for me
No more boring crap!
and i don't care what's on T.V.
No more boring crap
The news paper's mostly sports
No more boring crap!
It makes morons soil their shorts
No more boring crap!

It doesn't satisfy
It's hard to justify
can't find a reason why
just boring boring crap!
it works for everyone
but it's not even fun
it makes my brain go numb
boring boring crap!

All the rules they won't let us bend
No more boring crap!
Chicks who just "Wanna be friends"
No more boring crap!
Magazines that push the trends
No more boring crap!
The list goes on it never ends
No more boring crap!

I just don't get it
I'll never let it
get in my head it's just
boring boring crap!
It bites the bag
it makes time drag
it makes skin sag

boring boring crap!
boring boring crap!
boring boring crap!
boring boring crap fucking crap!
Track Name: Beefer Madness
Gut rot your'e feeling sick
the room is packed the air is thick
without emotion you let one rip
look at your watch and away you slip

Head down moving through the crowd
straight faced but feeling proud
cuz you know that it's getting around
as you move to higher ground

Find yourself a little later
in the mall on an escalator
so you drop a little hint of flavor
meat loaf and roast potatoes

Everybody's gettin in the zone
you hear a grunt, you hear a groan
somebody's talkin' bout it on the phone
you can tell it was bad to the bone

Beefer Madness - It's Madness!
Beefer Madness - It's Madness!

You go wherever you'll catch the most
in and out like a dirty ghost
who showed up with a hot pot roast
stay away cuz your'e fucking gross

your warped idea of fun
is this game of shit and run
you filthy animal what have you done?
you ain't nuthin but a lousy bum
Track Name: Steel Toed Shoes
This sucks that sucks
welcome to the real world
what you gonna choose?
This or the latter
doesn't even matter
let's go pound some booze

They're making it harder
They're pushing it farther
Nothing but more bad news
and it's pissing me off
stepping on my toes

gotta get some steel toed shoes...

I don't care
Take it way
I'll live to see another day
and maybe, just maybe I might pull through

Can't win
and i won't cheat
pull the rug out from under my feet
but remember this:
I'll think you suck till your'e dead
that's right!
Track Name: Stagnation
Sort through the rubble there's so much I miss
I never pictured ending up like this
Boredom has got me there's no place to hide
Can't see no light I'm getting dark inside

I look around it's just the same old shit
and i can't dig myself out of this pit!

The things I need I'll never get for free
I'm disgusted by all I see
I gotta find another place to go
I doubt I'll ever fucking get there though...

Stagnation it has warped my Brain
My train of thought is on the tracks to the insane!

Time is a parasite - it sucks me dry
I gotta sit and watch it all go by
The things I love don't count for shit no more
I'm like a rock in a candy store

i gotta find something else to do
I don't know where to look to find something new...
Track Name: Weekly Relapse
Weekly relapse 1-2-3-4!

I saw it coming a mile away
just who was i trying to kid?
Those things i said inside my head the other day
don't make much sense to me
when it's time again...

Weekly relapse whoa oh
I feel it coming...creeping up on me
Weekly relapse whoa oh
sometimes i wish that beer was free

Now i can't deny it's hard to justify
I got places to go
and friends to see
you think that one or two will do it
your'e pounding back another two or three

Weekly relapse whoa oh
I feel it coming...creeping up on me
Weekly relapse whoa oh
sometimes i wish that beer was free

Sometimes i wonder if I'll drink myself to death
with a beer in my hand
and smoke on my breath
i guess it's natural to worry...
but I ain't quitting in a hurry

cuz it's the fun
it's the moment
it's the truth
at a gig or in a basement or a booth
the boys are out tonight
and i'm feeling fine
Ya we're all getting pissed to pass the time

Weekly relapse whoa oh
I feel it coming...creeping up on me
Weekly relapse whoa oh
sometimes i wish that beer was free
Track Name: Shutdown
He used to be the top geek in town
glued to the monitor night and day
a whole world at his finger tips
it's where he went to work
it's where he went to play
stayed in instead of going out
he had things to do
thought he was blessed
glued to the screen
a sight to be seen
his computer room was a fucking mess

The outside world was looking lamer
there in his chair he was a surfer, a gamer
had it all at the click of a mouse
but then one day it was all wiped out!

All gone in one foul swoop
his whole little world was washed away
no contacts no turning back
miles of files had gone astray
He fell hard into misery
didn't have cash for a new P.C.

Down and out like his ruptured modem
you'd swear the poor guy had lost his scrotum

Couldn't get no thrills
he would get the shakes
he was poppin' pills
no way to pay the bills
for a crashed out system with all the frills...

left his house quiet as a mouse
had to get away and all that jazz
he didn't get far, he parked his car
hit the streets and he threw a spaz
running down the road like an animal
screamin' like a demon with nothing to say
got punched out by a kid that was half his age
the ambulance came and took him away

That's how the story goes...
broken glasses, broken nose
to go with a broken man
with too much Rom and not enough Ram

Wishing he was never born
no more chat rooms
no more porn
no more friends on line...
The laughing stock of indecline!

(indecline was an Edmonton based punk forum page, if you remember it from back then...)